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List of environmental assessments

A list of current and completed EAs in Peel Region.

An environmental assessment (EA) is a study.

It predicts, identifies, measures, and reduces how much a project could affect the people, plants and animals in an area.

We conduct an EA when we’re planning to expand or improve a Regional facility or infrastructure.

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EAs are classified into 3 different schedules based on their impact on the environment.

A Municipal Class EA applies to municipal infrastructure projects such as roads, water, and wastewater (sanitary sewer) projects.

Different municipal projects can affect the environment in different ways. EAs are classified into 3 different schedules — A, B, or C — based on the impact they have on the environment.

Schedule A

In general, Schedule A projects are normal or emergency operational and maintenance activities.

Since the activities of these projects will only slightly affect the environment, Schedule A projects are pre-approved.

Schedule B

Schedule B projects mainly include improvements and minor expansions to existing facilities.

Since the activities of these projects have a greater chance of affecting the environment, the municipality must go through a screening process and discussion with those who may be affected.

Schedule C

Overall, Schedule C projects include the construction of new facilities and major expansions to existing facilities.

Schedule C projects must go through a 5-phased environmental assessment planning process.