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New-and-improved cancellation policy

  • No charge if you cancel 4 hours before your pick-up window.
  • Cancel online, by phone or through Interactive Voice Response.
  • More time to cancel is one way we’re enhancing your experience.

Cancel options

TransHelp account

Update contact information, monitor account balance and transactions and cancel trips online.



Apply for TransHelp

Check if you're eligible, apply for TransHelp, learn about eligibility categories and in-person assessments.

My trips

Get details on the types of trips we provide and learn how to book, change or cancel a trip.

Fares and payments

Compare the cost of a one-way trip, return trip and a monthly pass and discover the benefits of pre-authorized payments.

Taxi Scrip

All TransHelp passengers qualify for taxi travel at a discount. Learn how to buy and use Taxi Scrip.


Read our policies for travelling with a mobility device, companions, children and more.

Accessible public transit in Peel

Discover the convenience and benefits of using conventional public transit in Peel.

About TransHelp

Learn about Peel’s specialized public transit. See who qualifies and read our Passenger Charter.

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