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TransHelp overview

TransHelp provides travel for Peel residents who live with physical, cognitive, visual, sensory, or mental health disabilities.

Peel Region provides specialized public transit for eligible residents in Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga. This door-to-door service is called TransHelp.

You may be eligible for TransHelp if you experience a barrier to using conventional public transit due to your physical, cognitive, visual, sensory, or mental health disability.

TransHelp uses vendors to deliver a portion of its service, so you may be picked up by a TransHelp driver in a TransHelp bus or a contracted vendor driving a taxi, van, or other accessible vehicle.

Shared ride service

TransHelp is a shared ride service - the same as conventional public transit, light rail, or train. We accommodate thousands of passengers every month. Routes are designed to maximize efficiency. In most cases, you will experience several drop-offs and pick-ups during your TransHelp trip. As a result, trips may take up to 90 minutes.

Conventional public transit partners

Our conventional public transit partners are constantly working to meet the needs of all residents. They are improving the accessibility of their buses, stops, and programs to support all passengers.

For information on accessible public transit in Peel visit:

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