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Providing a safe, efficient transportation system for Peel's urban and rural communities.

Automated speed enforcement in Peel

Discover how driving at the posted speed limit keeps pedestrians and cyclists safe.

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Programs and sevices

Road safety

Through Vision Zero, we’re improving road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

Services for residents and businesses

We manage permit applications for new driveways, road closures, and other road and traffic related requests.

Reducing our environmental impact

We’re supporting sustainable and active transportation by making it easier to bus, bike, and carpool around Peel.

Goods movement

Our sustainable goods movement system moves $1.8 Billion in goods through, and from Peel each day.

Year-round road operations

Ongoing maintenance is keeping Regional roads in top condition now and for the future.

Winter operations and maintenance

Around-the-clock treating and plowing keep Regional roads safer in winter.


Access transportation bylaws and traffic data and get specifics on truck and weight restrictions.

Studies and projects

Get updates on transportation studies and projects happening in Peel.