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Chair Iannicca's statement in response to the province's announcement.

Services to residents and businesses will continue as normal. 


Excellence Canada Award

Excellence Canada

In 2018, the Region of Peel earned the Excellence Canada Platinum Award, recognizing the outstanding achievements of organization-wide systems of management and public service delivery. The Region of Peel is the only municipality or level of government to receive this exceptional recognition.

The Excellence Canada Platinum recognition provides independent validation that the Region of Peel serves residents and businesses in an efficient and effective manner, with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Excellence Canada recognized the following practices as vital strengths of the Region:

Role Model for Excellence in Canada

The Region of Peel demonstrates many examples of municipal leadership i.e., The Butterfly Model, award winning Asset Management System, award winning financial management/budget, leader in cybersecurity, etc.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

The Region has a culture of continuous improvement and uses a Lean Six Sigma approach to optimize value for money and improve community outcomes through a robust continuous improvement program. As part of the continuous improvement program, the Region conducted 22 improvement initiatives in 2018 amounting to financial benefits of $7.2 million in cost savings and $3.7 million in cost avoidance.

Outcome Focused Planning and Budgeting

The Region is outcome-focused when looking at strategy, planning and reporting. The Community for Life annual report is an excellent example of showing clear, visually pleasing, and understandable outcomes and is very forward thinking and clear for people to understand.

Enterprise Risk Management System

The Enterprise Risk Management System is well integrated in all aspects of the work at the Region. All programs and projects contain a risk assessment and analysis, including the reports and proposals that go to the Council on a regular basis.

Excellence Canada uses the same criteria to rank the public and private sector. The Region was evaluated in five key areas: leadership, organizational planning, customers, human resources, and processes. Certification supports further development of strategic initiatives, innovative approaches, and engagement, as the Region moves forward and upholds the designation.