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These updates are from 2019. Due to COVID-19, updates have been paused.


Improve Goods Movement

Desired outcome: Reduced congestion on high volume truck routes at peak hours.

Measurement: Average travel time on high priority goods movement routes.


While the goods movement industry is vital to Peels economy, it is a contributing factor to traffic congestion on the roads, which is a key concern of Peel residents. With a growing population, the demand on Peels road network will continue to rise. Currently, there are 698,000 trips daily in the morning peak period. With an increase in population to 2 million by 2041, the Regional road network is expecting 1,001,000 trips in the morning peak period each day. To manage the increase in trips in a more sustainable way, the Region is working towards a goal of half of these trips being reduced through sustainable modes by 2041.

While the issue of traffic congestion is complex and will not be solved by any one strategy alone, the Region is taking proactive and innovative steps to contribute to reducing congestion and travel time on high volume truck routes during peak hours in order to benefit both residents and the goods movement industry.

Over the last four years, we:

The average reduction in travel time has been decreasing over time as most corridors were already operating close to peak efficiency and any further adjustments had no impact to travel time.