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Learn more about vaccinations, how they can help you and your family, and where to get them.

Getting your child vaccinated

Where and when to get your child vaccinated to protect against diseases.

Report your child's vaccinations

Every time your child gets vaccinated you need to report it to Peel Region.

Registering for school

Reporting your child's vaccinations when registering for school for the first time.

Vaccines for child care and school

What vaccines your child is required to have to attend licensed child care or school.

Vaccine clinics for children

School-aged children who may not have access to a doctor or primary care services can make an appointment at our clinics.

School vaccination program

Grade 7 students and other eligible individuals can get the HPV, Hep B, and Meningococcal vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccine

About the COVID-19 vaccine and where to get the vaccine.

Get the flu shot

About the flu and where to get the vaccine.