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Financial and social support

Ontario Works, emergency assistance, and other available support.

Ontario Works or emergency assistance

Get help paying for food, clothing, and shelter from the Ontario government.

Help for people with disabilities

Financial help for people with disabilities to help pay for basic needs.

Additional disability benefits

Additional help for people receiving Ontario Disability Support.

Keep housing and avoid eviction

One-time financial help if you are behind in your bills or facing eviction.

Discounted monthly bus pass

Apply for a discount on your monthly bus pass if you live in Brampton or Mississauga.

Child care subsidy

Help covering the cost of licensed child care for your children 12 years or younger.

Help paying for funeral arrangements

Apply for help paying for basic funeral costs for a deceased Peel resident.

Community support

Services and resources in the community including learning and newcomer support.

Mental health and addiction support

Free and confidential mental health and addiction support available to Ontario Works clients.