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Peel Living provides safe and affordable housing to over 17,000 tenants, in 7,600 units at 75 sites in Peel.

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We focus on quality housing, ensuring that our buildings are well maintained and contribute to the quality of life for our tenants.

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Peel Living is the Region of Peel's non-profit housing company. Also known as Peel Housing Corporation, it operates as an independent Corporation of the Region of Peel and is administered by the Region's Human Services department.

Peel Living is a recognized leader in creating innovative housing solutions. It is the largest landlord in the Region of Peel and the third largest social housing provider in Ontario. Peel Living provides home to over 7,100 residents in our 70 sites.

Peel Living's hallmark approach to building stronger communities is based on mixing tenancies with varying income levels and a commitment to providing safe, well-maintained living environments in each of it thousands of apartment and townhouse units.

2022 Peel Living Annual Report

Contact us at 905-790-7335 for more information.

Peel Living Board of Directors

In 2018, Regional Council approved the new Peel Living Board of Directors, which is comprised of staff of the Region of Peel. Serving on the board are:

  • Anthony Parente (Chair) General Manager, Water and Wastewater
  • Steve Fantin (Vice-Chair) Director, Operations Support, Public Works
  • Aretha Adams (Secretary) Regional Clerk
  • Christine Tu (Director) Director, Office of Climate Change and Energy Management
  • Donna Kern (Director) Director, Seniors Services Development

To contact the board, please email:

To request annual reports, agendas, minutes and by-laws, contact Legislative Services at 905-791-7800, ext 4526 or email Regional Council.

Find information on Peel Living's redevelopment of the Twin Pines lands in Mississauga, including project timelines and progress reports.

Twin Pines Redevelopment Project

Peel Region has received government funding for the implementation of Low Carbon Heat Pumps for Peel Housing Corporation buildings.

The Canada Community-Building Fund provides direct, permanent, stable funding to help each municipality in Ontario address local infrastructure priorities. Its purpose is to grow the economy, promote a cleaner environment, and build stronger communities all by investing in local infrastructure.

Low Carbon Heat Pumps – $12M