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These updates are from 2019. Due to COVID-19, updates have been paused.


20–Year Outcomes Progress Dashboard

The 20-year Strategic Plan Outcomes are the long-term community trends we strive to improve.

We measure progress towards the long-term outcomes by tracking key indicators for the Peel community, such as housing affordability, self-rated general health and client satisfaction with our service delivery.

Review the reports below to learn how Peel is currently measuring up across key indicators.

Area of Focus: Living

We want people's lives to be improved in their time of need. We're making the following progress on these Living outcomes:

Indicators Progress
Housing Affordability
Employment and Participation Rates
Charitable Donors in Peel
Household Food Insecurity
Diabetes Prevalence
Early Childhood Development Status
Client Service Outcome Achievement
Prevalence of Low Income
Self-rated General Health
Client Satisfaction with Service Delivery Channel Experience

Area of Focus: Thriving

We want communities that are integrated, safe and complete. We're making the following progress on these Thriving priorities:

Indicators Progress
Sustainable Transportation Modes
Crime Rate
Sense of Community Belonging
Residential Housing Starts
Value of Building Permits Issued
Non-Residential Tax Assessment
Employment Growth
Population Growth
Rate of Intensification
Designated Greenfield Area Density
Domestic Water Consumption
Waste Diversion Rate

Area of Focus: Leading

We want government that is future oriented and accountable. We're making the following progress on these Leading priorities:

Indicators Progress
Client Satisfaction with Regional Services
Resident Perception of Value for Tax Dollars
Region Is in Touch with the Needs of the Community
Resident Trust and Confidence in the Region of Peel
Managing Peel’s Growth Risk
Annual Credit Rating
Status of Regional Infrastructure Assets
Annual Tax Rate Increase
Region of Peel Corporate GHG Emissions

What Should We Be Tracking?

Additional measures are under development to track progress toward the 20-Year Strategic Plan Outcomes.

Do you have an idea for a community indicator we should be monitoring? Email the Corporate Strategy Office.