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Waste sorter

Waste sorting tips

Sorting tip

Toss food scraps into a kitchen container lined with a compost bag. When it's full, tie the bag and put it in your green bin.


Sorting tip

Your kitchen container is a handy way to collect items for your green bin. Line your kitchen container with compost bags or newspaper, then empty the kitchen container into the green bin.


Sorting tip

Recyclables don't belong in plastic shopping bags. Just place them loose in your recycling bin.


Sorting tip

Empty and rinse recyclable containers before tossing them into the blue bin.


Sorting tip

No more room in your recycling bin? Bag and tie extra recyclables in a clear or blue transparent bag.


Sorting tip

Fit more into your recycling bin by flattening plastic bottles and beverage cartons.


Sorting tip

All Community Recycling Centres accept used clothing donations for free.


Accepted items: a quick guide

Garbage (Accepted)

Candles and wax, cigarette butts, and ashes

Plastic bubble wrap, polystyrene packaging, and foam peanuts

Coffee cups, lids, plastic cutlery, single serve coffee pods, plastic cutlery, and bottle caps

Plastic coated food and drink pouches

Plastic wrappers and liner bags (chips, cookies, crackers, candy, chocolate bars, and cereal)

Aluminum foil

Recycling (Accepted)

Polystyrene foam packaging

Plastic food packaging

Plastic bottles, jugs, and jars (place caps in the garbage)

Printed papers, newspaper, and envelopes

Cardboard cartons

Beverage cartons and juice boxes

Glass bottles and jars (place caps in the garbage)

Metal food and beverage cans

Empty aerosol and metal paint cans

Aluminum plates and trays

Flattened cardboard and clean pizza boxes

Organics (Accepted)

Cotton balls, facial tissue, paper towels, and toilet paper rolls

Paper grocery and takeout bags

Baked goods, cereal, flour, grains, pasta, rice, and nuts

Dairy products, eggs, and eggshells

Bones, meat, and fish (raw and cooked)

Cooking oil, grease, and sauces


Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags, and loose tea

Greasy pizza boxes, and microwave popcorn bags


Shredded paper

Community Recycling Centres (Accepted)

Renovation, construction, or demolition materials

Electronics (Television, vacuum, DVD players, blenders, or toaster ovens)

Sharps, needles, or lancets

Clothing and textiles (non-soiled)

Soil (small household amounts)

Paint and stain cans, household cleaners, and used aerosol cans (hazardous waste)

Large appliances (stoves, fridges, dishwashers)

Propane and helium cylinders

Items not accepted


  • Shredded paper
  • propane cylinders
  • batteries
  • coffee cups


  • Plastic bag liners
  • glass
  • plastic items
  • metal

Community Recycling Centres

  • Tires
  • shredded paper