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Helps to facilitate and implement standards and requirements for development applications.

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Development Charges (DCs) are fees imposed on land development and redevelopment projects.

These fees help pay for the capital costs of infrastructure that is needed to service new development.

Development charges may be required if you are:

  • Constructing a new building.
  • Making alterations to an existing building to increase the number of residential units or size of the building.

Fees associated with Regional development review are outlined in the Regional Fee Bylaw Schedule.

Refer to the following resources for information on the procedures and required fees for submitting applications:

Major Office Incentives Program

The Regional Major Office Incentives Program is a partnership program between Peel Region and its 3 local municipalities (Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga) to provide financial incentives to encourage major office development. Eligible major office developments can receive tax increment equivalent grants (TIEGs) for a period of up-to 10 years to offset increased property taxes. The Regional Major Office Incentives Program is open to receive applications until April 22, 2026.

Details about the Major Office Incentives Program

Affordable Housing Incentives Pilot

The Affordable Housing Incentives Pilot Program is a Peel Region capital grant program. It’s designed to support private and non-profit developers building affordable rental housing for middle-income households, with a focus on larger, family-sized units. Up to $7.5 million in total funding is available.

Details about the Affordable Housing Incentives Pilot Program.