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We advocate to all levels of government on the issues that are most important to Peel residents and businesses.

COVID-19 has affected Peel Region's services and program areas. At the 2020 Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference we'll be seeking support from the provincial government on our priority areas for this year.

Our priorities for 2020

Federal and Provincial funding associated with COVID-19

To address the rising costs and loss of revenue due to COVID-19, we need funding support from our government partners to ensure that essential municipal services are maintained.

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Stimulus infrastructure funding

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly stalled economic activity and we are looking to the federal and provincial government for a substantial investment in infrastructure to jumpstart our economy.

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Addressing systemic issues in Long Term Care

Ontario's Long Term Care homes have been disproportionally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are advocating for action and resources to enhance person-centred care and address known gaps in the Long Term Care system.

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Provide service managers funding for affordable housing

Additional funding is needed to manage the impact COVID-19 has had on homeless residents and community housing sector in Peel.  We're also asking for more flexibility and local autonomy to plan and provide affordable housing in Peel.

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Maintaining a strong early years and child care system

We're requesting support and funding to ensure that Peel residents have access to safe and affordable child care services and early learning programs as Ontario reopens. We're also advocating that funding should continue to support child care providers who were closed during COVID-19.

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Mental health and addiction services

We're looking to the Province for fair funding and improved mental health and addiction services for Peel, which will help address historical funding gaps and additional system pressures as a result of COVID-19.

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Human sex trafficking

Important work is underway to curb human sex trafficking in Peel and to expand supports for victims, and sustainable funding is needed to advance our strategy to address this growing problem.

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