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Peel Region

Plans and studies

Plans and studies for enhancing Peel’s transportation network and infrastructure.

2051 Transportation Master Plan

Accommodating the travel demands of Peel’s growing population.

Long Range Transportation Plan

Our plan for meeting Peel’s transportation and infrastructure needs.

Goods movement

Our strategic and long-term plans for goods movement in Peel.

Road Characterization Study

Developing design guidelines and access management measures for Regional roads.

Sustainable Transportation Strategy

Peel has a strategy to set a goal of a 50% sustainable mode share by 2041.

Stormwater Servicing Master Plan

Our environmental and community-focused vision for stormwater servicing.

Data, analytics, and modelling

Analyzing data helps us make planning and engineering decisions for Peel.

Request traffic data

Our Transportation Division provides certain types of traffic-related data.

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