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View and pay your water bill

There are several ways you can view and pay your Peel Region water bill.

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You're eligible for this service if you have a Peel Region water account and have been issued a water bill.

What you need

To access your water bill online, you need:

To pay your water bill, you need:


To view:

To pay:

Late payment fees:

How to view your bill

View water bill

If you haven’t signed up for online billing, a paper bill will be mailed to you every 3 months (monthly for commercial customers).

How to pay your bill

Online or telephone banking

Most Canadian banks offer online or telephone banking for water bill payments. You'll need your 10-digit water account number to set up the bill payee. When searching for the bill payee, include the words Peel water or Region of Peel water.

Pre-authorized payment

To have your payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account, complete and submit our Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement form.

Submit the form by:

Kubra EZ-Pay online payment

You can make a one-time payment online with a credit card, Visa debit, or bank account using the Kubra EZ-Pay service.


Call 905-791-8711. Have your account number ready. Payments can be made by bank account, credit card, or VISA debit.

At your bank

Pay your water bill through your bank's automated bank machine (ABM), or at your bank branch. Bring your water bill or water payment stub to the bank.


We accept in-person payments by cheque, cash, or debit at one of our locations or Brampton City Hall.


We only accept cheques if you pay by mail. We also accept post-dated cheques.

Mail cheques to:

Regional Municipality of Peel
Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 4512, Station A
Toronto, ON  M5W 4L4

Who to contact

If you have a question or need more details about this service, email Water and wastewater bills or call 905-791-8711.

More information

Lost bills

If you haven’t received water bill recently, email Billing Operations or call 905-791-8711. Please include your water bill account number or service address in the message so that we can better help you.

Account history

Call 905-791-8711 if you need to request a statement of your billing history. You will be charged a Statement Request Fee.

Reading your bill

  • Account number: Your account number is unique to your water billing account. It has 10-digits and is located on the top-right corner of your water bill. Refer to your account number whenever you contact us.
  • Amount owing: Your amount owing is located at the top-left corner of your water bill.
  • Total water use: The “Bill details” section of your water bill shows the breakdown of water and wastewater consumption and charges based on the meter read.

For residential properties connected to the wastewater system, the wastewater rate is applied to 85% of total water usage that is read by your meter.

  • Total amount: The “Amount Due” section on the bottom-right corner of your bill shows how much you owe for the current bill.

Late payments by cheque

If you’re mailing your cheque and we receive it after the due date, a late payment charge will apply. Be sure to give enough time to mail your cheque so that it can be processed by the due date. Setting up pre-authorized payments will ensure that you pay your bill on time.

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) returns

NSF charges will be applied if a payment is rejected due to insufficient funds in your bank account.

If you're set up for pre-authorized payments and a payment is rejected due to NSF, we will not retry withdrawing the payment, and you'll have to manually make another payment for your bill.

Going on vacation

If you're going on an extended vacation, you can:

  • Set up pre-authorized payment from your bank account. That way you won't have to worry about missing your water bill due date while you're away.
  • Make an advanced payment for an amount based on your last bill. Any balances or adjustments can be made when you return.

Tenants and payments

  • Tenants pay their water bills the same way as home and business owners. Your landlord is responsible for telling Peel Region that you're paying the bill.
  • If you're a tenant paying the water bill and you move to another address in Peel, we'll apply a Change of Occupancy Fee to your account.