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Affordable Housing Incentives Pilot Program

We’re providing funding for developers to build affordable rental housing in Peel

The Pilot program has ended

The 2021 Affordable Housing Incentives Pilot Program has ended. Through this innovative program, Regional Council has approved funding to non-profit and private developers to create 130 affordable rental units.

We are no longer accepting applications.

The Housing Development Office addresses community need by supporting private and non-profit developers to deliver affordable rental housing.

About the program

The Affordable Housing Incentives Pilot Program is a Region of Peel capital grant program. It’s designed to support private and non-profit developers building affordable rental housing, with a focus on larger, family-sized units. Up to $7.5 million in total funding is available.

Any private or non-profit developer building rental housing within Peel (with a minimum of 5 new units) can apply to this program. The Region of Peel may fund 1 or more projects through the Call for Applications, which ran May 31 to July 12, 2021.

Successful applicants will be the first to participate in this innovative program.

We hosted a launch event on May 18. Contact us to receive a copy of our presentation.

On November 11, Regional Council passed by-laws allowing for funding under this Pilot Program to create 130 affordable rental housing units (52 in Brampton and 78 in Mississauga). The rent on these units will be offered at an affordable rate for a period of 26 to 41 years. Access the Regional Council report.

The 2021 program is now closed, and staff are currently implementing Regional Council direction. Please visit this page for future announcements.

Eligibility requirements

The Call for Applications has closed for 2021. See 2021 Guidelines and application requirements and additional pilot program details for more information.

Other information

In 2018 we completed a Housing Strategy and Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan (PHHP). We identified a need for more affordable housing for low and middle-income households. 30% of all Peel households face affordability challenges.

The goal of the PHHP is to work with our partners to increase affordable housing and prevent chronic homelessness.

The PHHP includes 5 strategies to help people get and keep housing:

  1. Transform service delivery
  2. Build new affordable housing
  3. Provide incentives to build affordable housing
  4. Optimize existing stock
  5. Increase supportive housing.

This pilot program advances strategy 3, provide incentives to build affordable housing. This program also supplements other affordable housing initiatives, including Peel’s Housing Master Plan.

The program targets middle-income households. Middle-income households make between $62,000 and $111,000 per year). This program complements other programs and services provided by the Region of Peel that focus on housing for low-income households.

Regional Council approved the Affordable Housing Incentives Pilot Program on July 9, 2020, based on recommendations from the technical report and final report.

The pilot program will provide incentives to encourage non-profit and private sector partners to create rental housing for middle-income households within Peel. It will use competitive, criteria, and application-based process.


  • Launch event for stakeholders held on May 18.
  • Program launches on May 31.


  • Second stakeholder consultation held on May 12.
  • Regional Council endorses pilot program framework on July 9.


  • N. Barry Lyon Consultants (NBLC) retained.
  • Technical analyses.
  • First stakeholder consultation held on September 19.


  • Regional Council endorses the Peel Housing Homelessness Plan.

If you would like to receive updates about the pilot program, email

If you need a housing subsidy, or are looking to access an affordable housing unit, visit Housing or call 905-453-1300 to speak to a staff member.

Program timeline

November 2021

Regional Council passes by-laws authorizing funding for 130 affordable units.

August 2021

Staff review applications.

July 2021

Call for applications closes on July 12.

May 2021

Launch event on May 18 before launching the pilot program on May 31.

July 2020

Regional Council endorses the pilot program framework on July 19.

May 2020

Second stakeholder consultation is held on May 12.


N. Barry Lyon Consultants (NBLC) are retained to help develop the program. We host our first stakeholder consultation on September 19.


Regional Council endorses the Peel Housing Homelessness Plan.