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Wilkinson Shelter Redevelopment

We’re redeveloping the existing men’s shelter to improve service delivery and meet community needs.

We'll be replacing the existing Wilkinson Shelter men’s shelter with a new, redesigned building that will provide services and programs to better serve our community. The new development will be an inclusive, safe space that will reduce reliance on overflow hotels, enhance safety and privacy, and improve on-site support services, including mental health and substance use in a low barrier setting.

The new shelter will be designed to meet Peel Region’s Net Zero Emissions (NZE) Building Standard for New Construction.

Project status

This project is currently in the planning phase.

The building

15 Wilkinson Road is in Ward 3 in Brampton and borders other Peel facilities. The site is close to:

The vision

Chronic homelessness is primarily a men’s challenge and there is a growing need for low-barrier, safe emergency shelter for men aged 25 and over. We are replacing the current Wilkinson Shelter to serve men experiencing homelessness by creating spaces that are inclusive with low / zero barrier access to the services and supports flexible to meet individual needs.

Currently, Wilkinson Shelter is a dorm-style shelter that has 86 beds. The existing shelter will be demolished to build a new shelter, creating a new total of approximately 150 beds. We will be procuring a consultant team to work through engagement and preliminary design.


January 2023: Regional Council approves the Wilkinson Shelter redevelopment project.


Review the Regional Council reports related to the Wilkinson Shelter Redevelopment.

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