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Surveyor Shelter relocation

The family shelter in Mississauga moved to meet increasing community shelter needs.

The new Surveyor Shelter has replaced the 60 units at the former location, creating 108 units and reducing emergency shelter overflow costs.

The building

2420 Surveyor Road is in Ward 9 in Mississauga and is close to amenities and community spaces including:

The new shelter is also near Lake Aquitaine Park and the Meadowvale library.

The vision

As part of Peel's Housing Master Plan (HMP), a 3-phased approach was designed to meet demands for homelessness and shelter space.

Phase 2 of the HMP identified the relocation of the Surveyor Shelter in Mississauga, formerly located at 1767 Dundas Street East. The new shelter will accommodate the development of the adjacent Twin Pines (Peel Housing Corporation) property located at 1749 Dundas Street East.

Peel has relocated the family shelter at 1767 Dundas Street East, to 2420 Surveyor Road, through the repurposing of a 108-room hotel property.

Renovations will include the creation of accessible and barrier free spaces to help deliver necessary services and support. Energy efficiency and environmental performance upgrades are also included to help ensure long term sustainable emergency family shelter operation.

The new location of Surveyor Shelter is currently in use to help meet the immediate needs of homeless families in the community. The required renovations will be implemented with the building partly in operation.


Unit details:

Barrier free units also include:

Other information

  • February 2024: Residents begin to move in.
  • January 2024: Construction ends.
  • October 2023: Council approves Surveyor Shelter as the project’s official name.
  • August 2022: Construction begins.
  • March 2021: Peel completes environmental and site planning requirements and approvals.
  • January 2021: Site location becomes operational as the new location of Surveyor Shelter.
  • November 2020: Peel completes acquisition of 2420 Surveyor Road.
  • March 2020: Real Estate and Housing Services staff conduct an internal assessment of 2420 Surveyor Road and Regional staff determine that the building is in suitable condition to be repurposed as an emergency shelter for families in Peel.
  • February 2020: Peel Real Estate confirms the 2420 Surveyor Road hotel property as a potential site for an emergency shelter and staff proceed with pending acquisition and environmental assessment of existing property.

Review the Regional Council reports related to the Surveyor Shelter.

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