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Request a water or wastewater service connection

Property owners in Peel can request approval from Peel Region for a water or wastewater service connection.

Peel Region must give written approval to connect a property to the municipal water, wastewater, and regional storm sewer systems.

Peel Region must also:

Peel Region does not provide construction services. Property owners must hire an independent plumber or contractor to complete the service connection.

Installation of services on private property is governed by the Ontario Building Code. Approvals and inspections can be made by calling the area municipality Building Division.

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Anyone who owns property with access to municipal water or wastewater in Peel Region can request a water or wastewater service connection.

What you need

Any work must be in keeping with applicable legislation, including Regional by-laws.

Public and private services, materials, construction methods, and appurtenances must all comply with:

For site servicing connection approval

For a service connection, you must submit a drawing to Peel Region for review and approval.

Email site plan servicing for the information this drawing should include.
For additional requirements, check Peel Region design, standards, specifications and procedures.

Water capacity modelling

If water or wastewater capacity modelling is required before the site servicing connection approval, you must submit a completed Water and Wastewater demand table and any related documents.

Extension of water or wastewater infrastructure

If your proposal requires an extension of water or wastewater infrastructure, see section 3 of the Subdivision Process for submission requirements or refer to the local improvement process.

Stormwater management approval

A road allowance is the land reserved by the government to be used for public roads. This includes sidewalks, ditches and boulevards, beyond the road pavement.

Stormwater drainage to the Regional road allowance resulting from development of properties along Regional roads is not permitted. If your property is next to a Regional road, you need to submit a satisfactory stormwater management report and satisfactory grading and drainage drawings.


All fees are subject to change annually based on Council approval.

The 2024 Fees by-law update includes some increase in Engineering Fees.

The securities collected for all regional site servicing connection applications will also be increased as of January 1st, 2024.

This is to ensure that:


We provide payment instructions after we receive the submission.  We accept payment by Electronic Fund Transfer (e-transfer). We also accept Visa or Mastercard for payments up to $1,500.

Please see the Peel Region Fees By-law.

How to request help

To request a water service connection, submit site drawings in pdf format by email to site plan servicing.

Drawings can be submitted by:

Who to contact

For details or more information, email us or call 905-791-7800 ext. 7973.

The Servicing Connections team is working remotely. In-person meetings are available by appointment only. To book an appointment or request help, email Site Plan Servicing.

Call 905-791-7800 ext. 7882 or email Peel Water Service Requests for drawings that show water and sanitary infrastructure on roads or easements.

Water meters

To request a new water meter or for more information on water meters, please contact Meter Operations.

All new home construction or additions (or both) must include the new water meter size on the site servicing drawing. Water meters 25 mm and under will be installed by Meter Operations.

Please refer to the Peel Region standard drawing (STD DWG 1-4-7) for installation requirements for water meters.

More information

We aim to review your submissions within the targeted review timeframes specified below:

Residential Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) and Multi-residential
1st submission review timeframe 7 business days 20 business days
Resubmission review timeframe 3 business days 14 business days