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Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor

Enhancing the quality of life and supporting the wellbeing of those who live and work in the Village and community.

The Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor aims to be the heart of a vibrant, thriving neighbourhood that enhances the quality of life and supports the well-being of those who live and work in the Village, and the surrounding community.

Overview and construction update

In Fall 2019, we started building a new Seniors Health and Wellness Village facility at our existing Peel Manor site at 525 Main St. N., in Brampton.  The facility will include a long-term care centre with an advanced design as well as a main-floor service hub that will provide a broad range of services for seniors, caregivers and others living in the community.

According to the Ontario Medical Association’s Prescription for Ontario: “Providing patients with more appropriate types of care outside of hospital will not only help reduce wait times, but could avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in costs to the health-care system every year.”

Construction of our new Seniors Health and Wellness Village is now nearly complete and we are preparing to move into the new building in spring of 2024.  After our move-in, our existing Peel Manor building will be replaced with beautiful park space.

Moving into the new Peel Manor

Find helpful resources about the upcoming move from Peel Manor to the new Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor, including details about the building, resident rooms, resident home areas, and floor plans.

Learn more about moving into the new Peel Manor.

Our construction progress – September 2023

For more information about the Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor redevelopment project, email Seniors Village.

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More information

Peel Manor Long Term Care has served the community since 1898. What began as a house of refuge is now a long-term care home for up to 177 people and will soon be part of the Seniors Health and Wellness Village.  Operations at Peel Manor place a strong emphasis on emotion-based care and include specialized programming tailored to residents’ individual interests and experiences.

Learn more about the Butterfly model and emotion-based care.

Most recently, Peel Manor received designation to operate a Transitional Behavioural Support Unit.  This new unit will provide specialized care for people with a primary diagnosis of dementia and responsive behaviours that cannot be managed in their current environment.

The Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor aspires to become a Centre of Excellence for Dementia Care.

Learn more about Peel Manor Long Term Care Centre.

Recognizing the opportunity to develop an innovative solution that could help address growing demand for seniors’ services in the community and support aging in place, within the Seniors Health and Wellness at Peel Manor there will be a service hub. This will include a range of services for seniors, caregivers and others living in the community, including:

  • An expanded Adult Day Services area able to support up to 90 clients a day.
  • Expanded virtual programs.
  • An 8-bed overnight respite care centre that will provide short-stay respite care to those in Adult Day Services and community.
  • An Integrated Care Clinic that will include primary care services for clients of Adult Day programs, a neuro-behavioural nurse practitioner with geriatric subspeciality and specialized social work services for clients and caregivers.
  • In partnership with Public Health there will be an onsite Dental Clinic through the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, for low income seniors.
  • A resource centre, hair salon, and onsite café and shop that will serve light refreshments and act as a place for long term care residents, Adult Day clients and community members to congregate and connect.
  • Co-located community partners providing outreach and health services for seniors.

In our 2022 Caregiver Experience Survey, 100% of caregivers polled in Peel Region said they would recommend our Adult Day Services program to others. This new facility will support up to 90 Adult Day Services clients each day and expand virtual service offerings.

Adult Day Services help to:

  • Improve and maintain the best possible physical and cognitive functioning of seniors.
  • Promote personal dignity and self-esteem by encouraging independence.
  • Provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for care.
  • Support participants, their caregivers, and families to be involved in their care and decisions.
  • Ensure equitable access to services.

Learn about our Adult Day Services programs.

The Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor will have an 8-bed overnight Respite Care Centre to provide much needed supports for caregivers. Respite gives caregivers an opportunity to take a break and recharge with the peace of mind that their loved one is being taken care of by trained caring staff.

The Adult Day Services and Respite Centre are next to each other to support integration of activities for clients attending the day program and staying overnight.  Being able to seamlessly engage in activities, mealtimes, and access to services in the hub like the café, hair salon and Integrated Care Centre are key features of providing “wrap around” services and care. Personal care, bathing and other services that support overall health and wellbeing will be included.

Respite is not yet open for booking.

Learn more about respite care.

The Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor is uniquely designed to deliver an integrated care model to support seniors living with a diagnosis of dementia and their caregivers. The Integrated Care Centre is where our interdisciplinary team of health care providers and service partners will come together to deliver integrated primary care and community support services to people in our programs and their caregivers to support them to live well in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Integrated Care Thrive Program is redefining Adult Day Services to include increasing access to primary care and much needed community resources, health, and social care support. Our model has been designed to offer wrap around care for participants of our Adult Day Services living with dementia. Our unique model is built on a wrap around approach to reduce health system gaps and serve clients so that they receive the right care, at the right time and by the right provider while living in their own homes as long as possible.

In addition to primary care specializing in geriatric care, the Thrive Program will give clients access to an interdisciplinary team that works together to solve complex client and caregiver situations and develop strategies to avoid potential problems. Health care providers available through Thrive will include a Neuro-behavioural Nurse Practitioner, a Registered Nurse, a Registered Social Worker, nonregulated integrated care team staff including the Adult Day Services team trained in emotion-based care.

As one of the most diverse regions in Canada, Peel Region is committed to delivering programs and services that are equitable, inclusive, and reflective of the community. Learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Peel Region.

As part of Peel Region’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Strategy Implementation Plan, we recognize that we play an important role in addressing barriers and we are committed to strengthening relationships with community leaders and service providers to create pathways to equitable and inclusive services.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, the Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor will offer multi-faith spiritual services, social work services and a variety of multicultural meal options. Additionally, we use cultural interpretive services and linguists to help communicate effectively with residents, clients, and their families, regardless of language or ability.

In alignment with local and broader system goals we strive for health equity and will continue to work with community partners to reduce barriers and improve access to services.

To our partners and other internal and external stakeholders, we extend our gratitude for your help in bringing our vision to life – improving the health and well-being of seniors with the Seniors Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor.

We would like to extend our thanks to our many construction, health care and community partners that helped the Peel Region develop a cutting-edge facility for seniors in our community that exemplifies Connected and Convenient Care by providing the right care in the right place, expanding access to services in the community, improving long-term care, providing more virtual care options and generally making it easier for seniors to navigate the health care system.

We are excited to open in spring 2024.