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Vaccine Order Request

Please note this is the final black our period where all non-influenza orders will be placed "On Hold" in an effort to expedite influenza orders:

  • Thursday November 05, 2020 through Monday November 16, 2020 (inclusive) you can resume ordering on November 17, 2020

If you have any questions email us at VMPIOrderRequests@peelregion.ca

To help slow the rate of COVID-19, Meadowvale, Malton and the Davis Centre are closed until further notice. Visit affected services and facilities to stay up-to-date.
Vaccine order processing timelines have been extended to five business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

You must provide an email address for online orders so that we can send you a confirmation email for receipt of your order.

NEW THIS SEASON: The Vaccine Order Desk staff will be responding to inquiries via email at VMPIOrderRequests@peelregion.ca.

I have confirmed:

Order Information
(*) Mandatory fields

Date of Pick-up: Five Business days after order is received.
(For exceptions, see Delivery or Pick-up Preference section)

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* Delivery or Pick-up Preference
Orders must be submitted 5 business days prior to delivery

Please choose a pick-up location:

Type of Refrigerator

Please indicate the number of refrigerators approved for storage of vaccine:

* Please order no more than a ONE month supply of vaccines

Note: If you are not ordering the vaccine, Current Stock is not required.

For more information about vaccines, visit Ontario's Publicly Funded Immunization Schedules
must be ordered
in increments of:
Current Stock
(# of doses)
# of Doses
Hiberix: 1 dose PFS
Adacel® / Boostrix® (Tdap): 5 doses
Adacel® Polio / Boostrix® Polio (TdapIPV): 10 doses
IMOVAX® - Inactivated Polio (IPV): 1 dose
Nimenrix® (Men-C-ACYW)
For students in grade 8-12
(age 13 to 18 years):
1 dose
Menjugate® / NeisVac-C® (Men-C)
For students in grade 6 and under
(age 11 and under):
10 doses
MMR® II / Priorix® & diluent (MMR)
For age 12 months and older:
10 doses
Pediacel® (DTaP-IPV Hib): 5 doses
Pneumovax® 23 (Pneu PS): 10 doses
Pneumococcal Immunization Decision Tool High Risk Patient
Prevnar® 13 (Pneumococcal Conjugate)
For less than age 2 years or
For adults age 50 years and older who meet high-risk criteria:
10 doses
Pneumococcal Immunization Decision Tool High Risk Patient
Priorix Tetra / ProQuad ® & diluent (MMRV): 10 doses
Infants born on or after June 1, 2021 should start their rotavirus vaccine series with the Rotarix® vaccine.

July 29, 2021 Vol. 14, No. 44
Rotarix (Rotavirus): 10 doses
Infants born prior to June 1, 2021 who started the RotaTeq® immunization series should complete their series with the RotaTeq® vaccine, per available supplies.
RotaTeq® (Rotarvirus): 10 doses
Td Adsorbed
(For age 7 years and over):
5 doses
Tubersol® - TB Mantoux: 10 doses
Varivax® III / Varilrix® & diluent(Varicella): 10 doses
Shingrix® 10 doses
Shingrix® 1 dose
Do you have a booked appointment for clients between ages 65 to 71 years of age?
Yes    No
  • The maximum quantity is 10 doses.
  • Order for booked patients between ages 65 to 71 who did not receive Zostavax®.
  • Prioritize for patients born in 1949 or 1950 (turning 71 in 2020 or 2021).
Vaccine Related Supplies


* Thermometers are no longer available for order through the Region of Peel.
Click here to view a sample list of recommended products.

If you have been advised to submit your vaccine refrigerator temperature logs with your vaccine order, please note the following:

  • Submit your logs the same day as your order.
  • Send logs from the date of your last order to todays date.
  • Orders missing temperature logs will not be processed.

Send by email or fax at:

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Revised: July 29, 2021

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