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Wastewater in Peel

Providing reliable wastewater collection, treatment and management now and for the future.

Municipal wastewater is used up water from a combination of domestic, commercial and industrial activities.

When you flush a toilet, take a shower or do the laundry, the wastewater flows through the sanitary sewer system and into Peel's wastewater treatment facilities.

Municipal wastewater:

Peel is committed to:

We operate and maintain:

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We also operate and maintain the Wastewater Collection System, consisting of:

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To report a hazardous spill or an urgent problem with your water or sewer, call us at 905-791-7800 or toll-free at 905-584-2216 (Caledon or other long-distance areas).

If you have a wastewater-related question or comment, email Public Works.


Other information

Peel is committed to providing quality collection, treatment and management of wastewater.

By diligently monitoring our sewer network and operating our treatment processes effectively, we meet the required discharge quality limits, protecting the environment now and into the future.

Find further details in our 2022 Annual Reports: