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Fire hydrants

Fire and emergency services need quick access to water

Fire hydrants keep Peel's communities safe. Peel maintains more than 27,000 fire hydrants in the cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon.

Always keep your hydrant clear

Help keep your hydrant clear, year-round, by:

In winter

Always keep fire hydrants clear of snow.

In an emergency, seconds count. It takes longer for firefighters to get to the hydrant if it's covered in snow. You'll be safer in an emergency if the fire hydrant can be easily seen from the road.

If you need help clearing snow from your fire hydrant, call 905-791-7800.

Fire hydrant painting

Fire hydrant maintenance helps make sure they are visible in emergencies and extends their life.

Fire hydrants throughout Caledon, Brampton, and Mississauga will be cleaned, primed, and repainted between May and October over the next five years. The work is part of the Region’s preventative maintenance program and will be completed in 2027.

The process involves three steps:

  1. The old paint layers are taken off and the hydrant is cleaned.
  2. The hydrant is primed which gives it the grey/white appearance. Taking off the old layer of painting and priming usually happens on the same day.
  3. The hydrant is painted. Painting takes place once the primer has dried (usually in 3-4 days)

Reflective colour-coded markers

Fire hydrants in Peel have a reflective colour-coded marker in the shape of the Firefighter's Cross. The Firefighter's Cross is an internationally recognized symbol of fire protection services.

This marker helps to separate them from other reflective markers at night. It also helps save time in an emergency.