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Sustainable Transportation Strategy

Peel has a strategy to set a goal of a 50% sustainable mode share by 2041.

The Peel Region Sustainable Transportation Strategy (STS) provides a framework for how the Region will:

Improvements that make sustainable travel models viable choices will be important to achieve the Region of Peel's objectives for long-term growth and for healthy and livable communities. The STS builds on the framework established by the 2012 Active Transportation Plan, existing and ongoing plans from the area municipalities, neighbouring municipalities and input from other agencies.

The STS has two accompanying implementation plans, one focusing on active transportation and another focusing on transportation demand management. With their 2018-2022 timelines, the implementation plans lay out the short-term priorities of the STS, such as:

If travel habits remain the same, by 2041 it is estimated that there will be 45% more vehicles on the road during the morning peak period – or approximately 190,000 more cars. In order to achieve a 50% sustainable mode share and reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on Peel roads, the STS proposes a number of actions to increase trips by walking, cycling, transit, carpooling, and telework.

Strategy and implementation plans

Active transportation focuses on strategies for walking and biking.

Active transportation refers to the use of human power to travel between places. Walking, cycling, using a wheelchair, in-line skating and skateboarding are all forms of active transportation.

Walk and Roll Peel

Walk and Roll Peel is a joint initiative of the Region of Peel, the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon that promotes trails and paths in Peel’s neighbourhoods and builds knowledge about skills and safety related to walking and cycling.

Bike Month

Bike Month is an annual event celebrated from May 30 through June 30 across Peel Region that offers many opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities to try riding a bike for the first time, learn new skills, or simply have fun and connect with new people through cycling.

Riding a bike is a healthy way to explore the growing network of bike routes throughout Peel. Let your bike take you on an adventure in your neighbourhood and share that joy with the next generation of bike riders. Bike Month has something for everyone.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) policies and programs influence how people choose to travel. It aims to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips (vehicles carrying only one person) by encouraging more sustainable forms of transportation.

Through ROPA 16 (Regional Official Plan Amendment 16) and ROPA 22 (Regional Official Plan Amendment 22), we have amended the Peel Region Official Plan to include TDM policies and programs to:

  • Increase the travel options available in Peel.
  • Manage travel demand.
  • Reduce traffic congestion.

The STS and its TDM Implementation Plan outline short- and long-term actions that will make it easier for Peel residents to take fewer solo trips by car, such as:

  • Targeted carpool promotion, and implementation of new carpool lots.
  • Testing alternative transit services.
  • Undertaking a feasibility study on satellite workplaces, and developing a teleworking toolkit.
  • Implementing guidelines related to TDM for new developments.