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What happens after booking

What to expect after booking and how to track your bus in real time.

After you've clicked "Confirm Booking", your trip will be booked and will appear in the Trips Calendar.

If you've booked a same-day flexible trip, a TransHelp employee will contact you directly to confirm a pick-up time.

If you booked at least one day before the date you'd like to travel, log in to confirm your trip details on the day of your trip. The closer you check your trip details to your actual travel day and time, the more accurate the information will be.

30-minutes before your scheduled pick-up time, the Trips page will display which vehicle is on its way to get you. This way you'll know if you're waiting for a TransHelp bus or a vendor's taxi.

Mobility devices

Your default mobility device will automatically be selected when you book online. If you want to use a different mobility device, call 905-791-1015.

Using the "Where's My Ride?" feature

TransHelp buses have the "Where's my ride" tracking feature already installed. So, if your trip is scheduled on a TransHelp bus, you'll be able to see its location in real time.

Taxis do not yet have the "Where's my ride" tracking feature installed. If your trip is scheduled on a taxi, "Where's my ride" will not work.

We're working with our taxi vendors to add this feature so all passengers on all vehicles can see their rides in real-time.

The accuracy of your "Where's My Ride" trip details depends on your network speed, browser, and operating system.

You may see a few minutes of lag between real-time events and what's displayed on your phone.

For the best experience, please ensure:

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