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Accessible public transit in Peel

TransHelp, Brampton Transit, and MiWay are the 3 accessible public transit options in Peel.

Brampton Transit and MiWay offer a high level of accessibility for residents with physical, cognitive, visual, sensory, and mental health disabilities.

Accessibility features include:

Other information

MagnusCards® is a free iOS and Android app that features step-by-step digital guides that support new transit riders and passengers with autism and other cognitive special needs.

Using easy–to–understand information, passengers can learn how to:

  • Book a trip.
  • Get ready on trip day.
  • Ride TransHelp.
  • Make a payment.
  • Travel beyond Peel’s borders.
  • Buy and use taxi vouchers.

You can have TransHelp transit tutorials at your fingertips accessible anywhere, anytime and from any mobile device. You can also learn how to ride Brampton Transit using their step-by-step digital guide.

Download the MagnusCards® app

Traveling on Brampton Transit and MiWay has many benefits:

  • You can ride without calling ahead to book your trip.
  • You do not need to cancel your trip if your plans change.
  • Seniors who are 65 and older can get a discount.

Watch this video to hear how passengers are using conventional public transit in Peel:

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Update contact information, monitor account transactions, and cancel trips online.

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