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Chair Iannicca's statement in response to the province's announcement.

Services to residents and businesses will continue as normal. 


Make changes to a water billing account

You must complete and submit a form if you’re:

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You are eligible for this service if you:

What you need

The information you need to provide depends on the circumstance.

Moving out of Peel or change of occupancy

If you're moving out of Peel or moving to a newly built or resale property in Peel, you'll need to provide the:

Changing a name

If you're changing the name on the account, you'll need to provide the:

Adding an authorized user

If you're adding another authorized user to the account, you'll need to provide the:


Fees will be added to the water bill.

For specific fee information and additional fees and charges that can apply to both residential and business customers, visit service charges.

How to make changes

Moving to

Moving out of Peel

To change the account holder information

To make changes to the account holder information, complete and submit the Account holder change request form by email or mail.

Who to contact

For more details about moving into or away from a residence in Peel, email Billing Account Management.

Landlords or tenants with a question or concern can email Water Billing.

If you would like more information call 905-791-8711.

More information

It can take 7-10 business days to process changes to a water billing account.

Once the form is processed, the customer will receive a confirmation message at the email address provided.