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2051 Transportation Master Plan

A plan that will outline Peel’s future transportation system and guide how we’ll accommodate future travel demands of a growing population.

Peel Region is expected to grow by 700,000 people and 350,000 jobs by 2051.

This will result in more traffic during peak period times. This increased traffic will place an increasing demand on Peel’s transportation system.

To accommodate increased demand, we need to develop a transportation master plan that accounts for all modes of travel while helping us achieve Our Community for Life.

A comprehensive approach to transportation planning

As Peel Region’s transportation system and land use evolves and urbanizes, so does the role and function of our Regional roads.

This means there is increasing pressures for Peel’s roadways to start accommodating vehicles and modes of travel beyond just the automobile including transit, trucks, pedestrians, and cyclists, which all effect the user experience along Peel’s roadways.

To ensure that the Peel Region 2051 Transportation Master Plan reflects these synergies, we’re merging updates to the following plans into one integrated and coordinated plan:

Project process and timeline

The 2051 Transportation Master Plan follows the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process for Master Plans and consists of 5 key milestones.

Milestone 1: Study Commencement

Milestone 2: Vision, Values, Problem and Opportunity statement (Public Engagement Point)

Milestone 3: Identification of Alternatives (Public Engagement Point)

Milestone 4: Evaluation of Alternatives and Preferred Alternative (Public Engagement Point)

Milestone 5: Study Completion and Council Adoption

How to get involved

Public input and insights are invaluable pieces of information for helping inform the 2051 Transportation Master Plan and will be sought throughout the master planning process.

Contact us to be added to the mailing list to be notified of upcoming outreach opportunities for this project.


Peel Region’s Community for Life

Project Updates

June 20222051 Transportation Master Plan Update

October 2022Notice of Study Commencement and Public Information Centre #1

November 2022Postponement Notice of Public Information Centre #1

March 2023Infrastructure Planning and Requests of the Province to Support Bill 23 Housing Targets