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Our Transportation Division can provide certain types of transportation-related data upon request, including:

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Anyone is eligible for this service.

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There are different fees for different types of transportation-related data:

How to request

To request traffic data, email us.

Who to contact

If you have any questions or would like more information, email us.

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Turning movement count (TMC)

A TMC is an 8-hour turning movement count conducted by an observer at an intersection or a roundabout. The observer records the number of vehicles, heavy trucks, pedestrians, and cyclists for all movements. TMCs are summarized to give peak hour volumes.

Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR)

ATR’s are typically installed to collect traffic volumes, speed, and vehicle classification counts using rubber tubing stretched across the roadway and connected to a mechanical counting device. The tubes are installed on the roadway for at least 24 hours to record vehicle volume. Special ATR tubes classify vehicle types and record speeds.

Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

AADTs are factored numbers, based on ATR volumes and an adjustment factor. AADT data is summarized and broken down to represent the 24-hour average total volume passing a point on the roadway.

Signal timings

Signal timings are requested by parties who require existing signal timing for a particular location. These signal timings are usually requested by officials or consultants working on road projects within Peel Region.

Legal enquiries or Legal letter

Legal letters are requested as a result of an incident. The involved parties request Peel Region to review the operation of the intersection at the time of the incident.

Collision summary report

The Collision summary report is an overview of factors associated with traffic collisions, if any, that happened at the requested intersection or road section under the jurisdiction of Peel Region. The summaries contain statistical information per year.

Maintenance recovery administration cost

The Maintenance recovery administration cost is the fee that coves resource requirements in processing accident recovery claims that are received through the Regional maintenance contract.