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Appealing a TransHelp eligibility decision

If your TransHelp application is denied, you can appeal a decision about your eligibility, eligibility category, or the type of help you need.

The TransHelp Appeal process:

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Anyone whose TransHelp application was denied can file an appeal.

What you need

To file an appeal, you’ll need to provide:

You also have the option of providing any further information you feel is relevant about your disability or ability to travel in your community.


There is no fee to file an appeal.

How to file an appeal

There are 2 ways to file an appeal.

It’s faster and easier to submit your appeal online.

Or you can submit a “Notice of Appeal” form (PDF).

To be accepted, an online or Notice of Appeal form must:

If you are submitting additional documentation, the reasons for the appeal should relate to functional limitations associated with the applicant's disability or relate to factors that prevent the applicant from using conventional public transit (or both). (A person with a functional limitation cannot perform daily living activities independently due to a disability.)

Ways to submit the “Notice of Appeal” form

By email:

By mail:

TransHelp Appeals
2 Copper Road
Brampton, ON, L6T 4W5

By fax, dial 905-277-5864.

Who to contact

For more information about appealing a TransHelp decision, call 905-791-1015.

More information

The TransHelp Eligibility Appeals Panel

The TransHelp Appeals Panel (the Panel) hears appeals from applicants who are classified as ineligible for TransHelp or who are appealing their eligibility service level.

About the Panel

The Panel includes an Occupational Physiotherapist and 2 volunteer panelists.

Each TransHelp panelist knows:

  • The different types of disabilities and their functional characteristics.
  • The eligibility criteria for TransHelp services.
  • What's involved in developing and providing accessible conventional transit and specialized transit.
  • The TransHelp Eligibility Appeals process.

The Panel will consider any new information about eligibility that was submitted with the appeal.

When TransHelp receives your appeal request:

  • Your original application and assessment results — as well as any related documents — will be sent to the TransHelp Appeals Panel.
  • Your Appeals Panel meeting date, time, and location will be confirmed.

Meeting with the Panel

Your meeting with the Panel may be virtual or in-person at a Peel Region building.

Applicants can bring 2 people to the meeting for support. You can also bring updated medical documentation and other resources to support your appeal.

If you cannot attend the date of your meeting, call 905-791-1015 right away.

Your appeal decision

The Panel will try to reach their decision by consensus. If they can’t reach a consensus, they’ll  decide by majority vote.

The Panel will reach its decision within 30 days of the Panel meeting.

All TransHelp Appeals Panel decisions are final and remain in effect for at least one year.

All applicants must wait at least one year before appealing the Panel decision unless:

  • The Appeals Panel receives additional information (such as an accident, surgery, or dialysis) that affects an applicant's ability to take conventional public transit, or
  • A change in the applicant’s medical status.