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Notice of study completion

East trunk sanitary sewer offline storage facility

Peel Region has now completed a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to identify if and how the existing abandoned ETSS or a new offline storage facility could be used for storage of peak sanitary flows.

The comment period is now over.

Notice of Completion

Study background

There is a section of the East Trunk Sanitary Sewer (ETSS) in the City of Mississauga that was built in 1975.

This section includes an energy dissipation chamber (EDC) that was built in 1970. This EDC has been abandoned for approximately 9 years due to extensive corrosion in various locations within the sewer. A preferred solution has been identified, which includes:

East trunk sanitary sewer offline storage facility

Project File Report

We invite you to review the Project File Report then email any comments and concerns directly to:

Dan Bennington, C.E.T.
Project Manager, Wastewater Capital – Region of Peel
Tel. 905-791-7800 x7927