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We’re building a workplace that celebrates diversity, honours equity, and is inclusive of all employees and communities we serve.

Peel is one of the most diverse communities in Canada accounting for 18% of Ontario’s immigrant population, and where 69% of residents identify with a 'racialized' group.

Honouring and celebrating diversity

June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. To recognize this month, we’ve launched a campaign titled, Indigenous History is NOW.

"Indigenous History is NOW encapsulates the idea that Indigenous history is not confined to the past but is continuous and ongoing. The present influences the future. Indigenous history is a living, evolving narrative that includes the present day. This means recognizing that the stories, traditions, and experiences of Indigenous peoples are actively being created and recorded today, not just remembered from the past. Indigenous History is NOW means actively celebrating Indigenous cultures." - Ally Hendriks, Primary Care Paramedic

Watch this first Indigenous History is NOW video and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and X to see the next videos in the series as they get released weekly throughout June.

In February 2024, we celebrated Black History Month by inviting a sample of Black employees across PRPS to share some of their unique contributions to their work based on their diverse insights. The richness of experience that our diverse workforce brings to this organization positions us to best serve our communities in Peel.

Peel Regional Paramedic Services and Black History Month

Kevin, Primary Care Paramedic

Lucia, Specialist, Risk and Audit

Natasha, Advisor, Paramedic Services

Richard, Primary Care Paramedic

Walter, Logistics Technician