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Official Plan

The Region of Peel Official Plan is a long-term plan for managing Peel's growth and development.

Keeping the Region of Peel Official Plan current

The Planning Act requires municipalities to update their official plans every 5 years. This requirement ensures that a municipality's official plan:

Regional Council adopted the new Region of Peel Official Plan (RPOP) on April 28, 2022.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued a decision to approve the new RPOP with 44 modifications on November 4, 2022. The approved RPOP, as modified, can be found on the Download the Regional Official Plan page. Download the Notice of Decision.

The new Official Plan has replaced the Region of Peel Official Plan originally adopted in 1996.

Other information

An Official Plan:

  • Is a comprehensive document which contains goals, objectives, policies, schedules, and figures.
  • Is a long-term policy framework for land use decision-making.
  • Sets the context for detailed planning and providing municipal services.
  • Provides direction for future planning activities and for public and private initiatives aimed at improving the existing physical environment.

Official Plan elements and functions


Goals outline the priorities of the Region, such as ensuring that future growth of population and employment in Peel is anticipated and planned for, and that existing and future finances and services are provided in an effective and efficient manner.


Objectives support the goals for the future of the Region, such as identifying, protecting, and supporting the expansion and restoration of the Greenlands System in Peel.


Policies within the Official Plan:

  • Are specific guidelines that must be followed when planning for Peel.
  • Guide Regional Council in its decision-making.
  • Cover a range of topics, from resource protection to the built environment and human services.
  • Can only be changed by Regional Council through an Official Plan Amendment.

Schedules are maps that show the current and future uses of land within Peel, such as the Prime Agricultural Areas and the High Order Transit Network.

Changes to the Schedules also require an Official Plan Amendment.


Figures show factual or conceptual information (or both). Figures are included in the Official Plan for illustrative purposes.

The information shown on Figures may be changed or updated by Regional Council without requiring an amendment to the Official Plan.

The Regional Official Plan Performance Measurement Program was developed to:

  • Provide direction to review and update performance indicators on a regular basis.
  • Report on the progress in meeting the goals and objectives found in the Region of Peel Official Plan.

The Region of Peel Official Plan Measuring and Monitoring Report (2017) provides reporting information on the outcome of policies in the Regional Official Plan organized under 3 key theme areas: Natural Environment, Built Environment, and Resources.

The Region will keep measuring and monitoring now that the new Region of Peel Official Plan is in effect.