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Encampments in Peel

We’re working with partners to establish a policy and joint protocols that balance the needs of all residents in Peel.

Peel Region is experiencing an affordable housing crisis with many residents struggling to get and keep affordable housing and experiencing homelessness.

As Service Manager, Peel’s Housing Services oversees emergency shelters, collaborates with community partners to deliver housing and wraparound supports, delivers 24/7 outreach services, and builds more housing.

With growing needs, limited resources, and a shelter system significantly over capacity, some homeless residents are sleeping outdoors in a community setting in tents (encampments).

We’re committed to helping residents get and keep housing they can afford, and providing appropriate supports catered to individual need. Recognizing the unique needs and complexities of homeless residents staying in encampments, Peel is undertaking a co-designed, collaborative approach that balances rights-based principles and housing supports, with community health and safety for all Peel residents.

Program design

In Spring 2024, we established the Encampment Policy and Protocols Working Group. The working group includes representatives from the City of Brampton, Town of Caledon, and City of Mississauga, along with service providers, community partners, Peel Regional Police, and other stakeholders with expertise in this field.

The working group is tasked with developing Peel’s Encampment Policy and Protocols which will be shared publicly at a Peel Regional Council in fall 2024.

A key component of this work will be collecting Peel residents’ and businesses’ views on encampments. Stay tuned for opportunities to share your thoughts.

Email us if you have any questions about Peel Region’s encampment policy and protocols.

If you’re worried about someone living on the street, call the Street Helpline for 24/7 homelessness support at 1-877-848-8481.