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Report your child's vaccinations

Every time your child gets vaccinated you need to report it to Peel Region.

Reporting your child's vaccinations is required to register for school or child care. Doctors do not report vaccinations.

Report vaccinations online

You can report and view your child's vaccinations online. You can also attach a photo of the yellow card when reporting vaccinations.

COVID–19 vaccinations are recorded in a separate system. Do not report them using our reporting tool.

To report a vaccination, you'll need to provide the:

View or report vaccinations

Make sure you are using the latest Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser to view or report a vaccination online.

More information

You will be given a reference number. Keep this number for your records. You will need to give this number to your child’s school when registering your child for the first time.

Children 16 years or older must give their permission for Peel Region to speak with parents or guardians about their vaccination records due to privacy law.

If you would like to review your child's vaccination record, have your child nearby. We will ask to speak with them, so they can give consent. Once your child has given their consent, we can share the information in their vaccination record.

Report by phone

Call 905–799–7700, Caledon 905–584–2216.

You can also send a copy of your child's yellow vaccination card by:


905–565–0426 or 905–565–0793


Peel Public Health – Vaccination Records
P.O Box 555 RPO Streetsville
Mississauga, ON, L5M 2C1

Courier or registered mail

Peel Region
Peel Public Health – Vaccination Records
7120 Hurontario St
Mississauga, ON, L5W 1N4

When you report your child’s vaccination to Peel Region, you are agreeing to allow us to save the vaccination record to an Ontario database. The record may need to be shared with other health care professionals when giving care to your child.

For details on our privacy practices, refer to Personal Health Information Protection Act. If you do not want this information shared, contact us at 905-799-7700.