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Water safety

Details about safe drinking water, seasonal beach testing, and pools, spas, and other water facility inspections.

We ensure that water is safe for swimming and that water is safe to drink.

Drinking water

In Peel, drinking water comes from Lake Ontario, regionally owned wells, or private wells. We make it a priority to provide safe, clean, reliable drinking water. We ensure that we meet drinking water standards by treating Peel's source water and regularly testing water samples. Learn about your drinking water.

Private wells

If you have a well on your property, you are responsible for it and must follow rules for maintaining and, if necessary, abandoning a well.

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Beaches, pools and other water

We monitor beaches and recreational water facilities to prevent injuries and reduce water-borne illnesses. Learn about beach testing and pool, spas, and other water facility inspection results. Learn about beaches, pools and other water.