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Watermain construction

New watermains allow us to keep providing high quality water.

Watermains are underground pipes. They bring tap water from our water treatment plants to your neighbourhood.

As pipes age and Peel's population grows, we need to replace older watermains to keep providing high quality water to you.

Other information

Watermain construction happens in 5 stages.

  1. Before construction begins: surveying your neighbourhood

    • We’ll survey your street and use spray paint to mark the location of gas, hydro, and cable on roads, driveways, and lawns.
    • We may drill holes in the road or municipal right-of-way (the land between the street and your water service box) to collect soil samples and determine ground conditions.
    • We’ll also take pictures and record video. This will help ensure that we restore the area as close to the way it was before construction started.
  2. During construction: replacing the watermain

    We will dig a trench and bury the new watermain. The watermain will then be cleaned, disinfected, and tested.

  3. Replacing individual water services

    We will connect individual homes and businesses to the new watermain by replacing the municipal portion of each property's water service pipe. We will then connect the new watermain to the underground watermain system.

  4. Repairing sidewalks, curbs, roads, driveways, and lawns

    We will then repair any driveways, lawns, roads, curbs, and sidewalks we disturbed while installing the new watermain and water service pipes.

  5. After construction: work is under warranty

    All work is under warranty for two years. It is normal for repaired areas to settle a bit after construction. If within two years you notice large potholes forming where the driveway, street, lawn, or boulevard was repaired, please let us know.

Learn about the timelines for a particular construction project by locating the project webpage.

What to expect during watermain construction

Learn more about how watermain construction may affect:

Staying informed and providing feedback

We'll always tell you about any major changes to construction plans in your neighborhood.

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