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Starting and completing an application in GovGrants

Step by step guide to applying.

What you need before you begin

Google Chrome browser – the GovGrants platform does not support other browsers
Your username and login credentials.

First time applicant

Refer to Registering in GovGrants for instructions on how to complete this process.

Returning applicant

Email the Community Investment Program for password reset requests.

Your Service Provider Profile (including the Community Investment Program Form and Authorized Members Form) must be complete and up to date before you apply. Refer to Complete or update your Service Provider Profile for instructions on how to complete this process.

Getting started

Go to GovGrants sign-in.

You will be signed in and directed to the Home Page.


Select Funding Opportunities tab to view all currently available funding applications.


Funding Opportunities will display all funds currently accepting applications. Once the application deadline has passed, the fund will not be listed in the Active Funding Opportunities table.

To review the funding opportunity you're interested in applying for, select the green view icon Green view eye in the Actions column.


You will be redirected to a new window in your browser. This new window will display important information about the funding application. Review this information before you continue.

If you would like to proceed with the application process, select the Interested button.


The page will refresh. Select the Create Application button.


You will now be redirected to the application page and can begin filling out the information requested in the following tabs: Overview, Forms, Budget, Performance, Attachments and Acknowledgement.


Quick tips for GovGrants applications

These tips apply generally to all application forms in GovGrants. For fund-specific application questions, refer to the Program Guidelines for each fund.

Browser compatibility: Make sure you are using Google Chrome, the GovGrants platform does not support other browsers

Edit mode: You must select the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen to enter the requested information. If you are not in edit mode, you will be able to view the questions, but you will not be able to provide your responses.

Mandatory templates: Mandatory templates (if required) will be visible in the Attachments tab. Once you download and complete the mandatory template, you must upload to the Supporting Documents section and NOT the Attachments section.

Resume application: To resume an application you have previously started, navigate to the Applications tab and click on the green view icon blue plus in the Actions column.


Section save: Not all sections require a section save, but if there is a Save button in the light blue heading of the section that you are working on, you will need to select this Save button before proceeding or you will lose the information you have entered.

Submit application: You will need to submit your application for review before the deadline by selecting the Submit Application button once you have completed the requested information.

Application form sections

Review the recommended path to complete the application form.

Overview tab

This tab will pre-populate general information about your organization from the Head Office Profile.

The Project Name is a mandatory field.


Budget tab

There are two required sections in this tab, Budget Periods and Budget Narrative.

Budget periods:

Select the expand icon in the first column to expand this section



In the new window, first select the Edit button to proceed.


Then select on the New button in the light blue section heading for the Detailed Budget Category table.


Budget Narrative:

Performance tab

This tab will display the Application Related Performance Indicators. These are also referred to as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Not all CIP application require KPIs.

Refer to the Program Guidelines for each fund for a detailed explanation regarding the fund specific KPIs, how to set your targets and more.


Attachments tab

This tab will display any mandatory templates that must be completed in addition to the application form and uploaded using this tab.

Please note, the mandatory documents such as your financial statements, proof of insurance and Articles of Incorporation should be uploaded to your Service Provider Profile (not in the Attachments tab of the application) – refer to Complete or update your Service Provider Profile to learn how to upload these documents.

If the supporting document is listed as Mandatory in the Required column, it is a mandatory attachment and must be submitted with your application.



Forms tab

Before proceeding to the Forms tab, save your progress by selecting the Save button in the top/bottom right corner of the screen.

The fund-specific application questions can be accessed through the Forms tab. Select the green view icon Green view eye in the Actions column.


Acknowledgement tab

This tab is the last step in the application process and must be completed before you submit.

Review the acknowledgment statement and then select the checkbox next to 'I Agree' and then select the Save button.


When you are ready to submit your application and have saved your responses, select the Submit Application button.

If there are any errors or missing information in your submission, a red error message will appear at the top of the screen. Make the necessary revisions and then submit again.

If you have any questions, contact the Community Investment Program team.