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Partnership Handbook

A guide for school-based early years and child care partners in Peel.

The Peel Partnership Handbook supports collaborative and positive working relationships among school staff, early years and child care providers, and other community programs. This helps for seamless transition between the school day and the early years and child care programs in the school, and a continuum of learning and care for families with children 12 and under.

The latest version of the Peel Partnership Handbook for School Based Early Years and Child Care Partners in Peel (formerly known as The Peel Operational Handbook for School Based Child Care), released in September 2019, is now available.

Partnership Handbook (PDF)

Appendices: resources and forms

Access additional resources and forms found in the Partnership Handbook appendices.

Partnership Handbook e-learning module - now available

This module is for school staff and early years and child care providers in schools. It’s designed to help outline how the handbook can be used when working together in a shared space in schools.

View the Partnership Handbook e-learning module.