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Food operators

Requirements to operate a food premises and details about food handler certification.

Information and resources about the importance of food safety and how to reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Under Ontario's O. Reg. 493/17: FOOD PREMISES, every operator of a food service premises must ensure there is at least one person on the premise who has completed the food handler training while it is open.

Peel Public Health offers a food handler certification course and home study exam for people who prepare food in food premises and for those interested in working in food premises. In this course, you will learn about safe food handling practices and prepare for the food handler certification exam.

Register for food handler certification

Other courses

  • Food handling courses approved by the Ontario Ministry of Health.
  • In Good Hands – an online safe food handling training developed by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit that is recognized by the Ministry of Health.

You are required to notify Peel Public Health when opening a home-based food business within Peel Region.

Operators of home-based food businesses are also responsible for contacting their local municipality before opening.

Review the details and requirements for home-based food businesses.

If you are opening a new restaurant or food premises in Peel, the Health Protection and Promotion Act of Ontario requires you to notify Peel Public Health at least 14 days before opening.

We must also approve the floor plans for your business.

If you’re making changes to your existing business, such as renovations involving construction, you will need to report these changes to us and submit your plans for review. You must notify us least 14 days before starting construction.

Report a new business or changes to a business

To request a property search for a business inspected by Peel Public Health refer to property information request.

Legislation and other information that applies to your new food premises:

Special event organizers, event vendors and farmers' market organizers and food vendors need to complete an application and submit it to Peel Public Health at least 15 days before the event.

Special events and farmers' markets application

On January 1, 2020, amendments were made to the Ontario Food Premises Regulation 493/17 to reduce burden and increase flexibility for programs that prepare or serve low-risk or pre-packaged, ready-to-eat foods only.

Review food safety information for before-after school programs and child nourishment programs about general practice, hand washing facilities, dishwashing, cleaning and sanitizing, food handling and certification.

Food safety in school programs.

Food allergy reactions can be prevented. Giving customers accurate ingredient information and using allergy-safe food handling procedures will help to protect customers at your restaurant.