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Leaks in your home

Even the smallest water leaks can cause high water bills.

faucet leaking

There are various reasons why your water bill could be higher than expected.

The facts on leaks

Reading your water meter to find leaks

Follow the four easy steps and learn how to read your water meter to prevent leaks.

Fixtures and appliances

Leaky fixtures and appliances can go unnoticed. Check for leaks frequently and contact a service professional for help if necessary. Replace older, inefficient fixtures with WaterSense models.

Water softeners can use a large amount of water if the backwash valve gets stuck in the open position or if they are scheduled to backwash too frequently.

toilet leaking

Consider humidifiers that refresh the water on an adjustable timer rather than those that continuously bleed water from the reservoir into the sewer drain. The humidifier and water supply should be turned off when not needed in the summer months.

If you've had guests to stay or an increase of people living in the home, more water will be used.

Outdoor leaks

Winterize your pipes and turn off your outdoor water.

Check your irrigation system for leaks and loose fittings. Watch our do it yourself video or hire a Water Smart Irrigation Professional.

Underground leaks are nearly impossible to discover on your own. If you suspect an underground leak, call the Region at 905-791-8711.

If your pool seems like it's losing more water than usual, or if you find wet areas around the pool or a tear in the liner, there may be a leak.

Water bills are often higher in the summer when homeowners are watering lawns and gardens or re-filling swimming pools. You can still enjoy a healthy and beautiful yard without wasting water. Learn more about efficient outdoor water use.

Watch how to find a leak in your house.