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Downspout disconnection

Downspouts that are connected to the sanitary sewer system are in conflict of Region of Peel Bylaw 53-2010 and should be disconnected.

A downspout is a pipe that carries rainwater from a roof to ground level or into the ground or sewer system.

Not every downspout that goes into the ground is necessarily connected to the sanitary sewer system.

The Region might perform a downspout survey or smoke testing to confirm the connectivity.

We will contact you if your downspout is found to be connected.

The benefits of disconnected downspouts

Disconnecting a downspout that’s connected to the sewer system is an easy way to protect your home.

By disconnecting a downspout you’ll:

Disconnecting a downspout lets storm water flow away from your home’s foundation onto gardens, landscaped areas and lawns on your own property. The water then slowly soaks into the ground, where it is naturally filtered and returned to the water table.

Options for disconnecting your downspout

Region of Peel staff will disconnect your downspout free of charge if it is found to be connected to the sanitary sewer system. Or you can disconnect it yourself.

Disconnecting a downspout on your own

As a property owner it’s your right to disconnect your own downspouts if you wish. You do not need to wait for the Region to contact you; however; the Region will not provide any subsidies to residents after September 30, 2020.

Disconnect your downspout on your own if:

Rebate program ending soon

The current Downspout Disconnection Rebate Program will end on September 30, 2020. A grace period of 3 months is considered for late applications. No applications will be reviewed after December 31, 2020.

The rebate amount depends on the number of downspouts.

Apply for the rebate.

Disconnection by the Region

This program is fully operated by the Region. Homeowners do not need to pay for the disconnection or take any other action.

A Regional staff member or contractor will:

This work will be performed in close communication with you. Any downspout that is found to be directly connected to the sanitary sewers will be disconnected as per the requirements of the mandatory program.