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Downspout surveys

Peel employees will inspect your downspout to see how well it’s working.

A downspout is a vertical pipe on the outside of a building. A downspout carries rainwater from the roof to the ground. Some downspouts go into the ground.

A downspout survey is an inspection of a downspout to see how well it’s working.

Survey locations

We’re doing downspout surveys in:

Surveyors in your neighbourhood

You do not need to prepare or be at home when the survey is happening.

Regional employees and contractors:

Types of information collected

Surveyors will be mainly locating, checking and taking pictures of downspouts from the sidewalk (not entering onto your property).

Reason for the downspout survey

Some downspouts are connected to Peel’s sanitary (wastewater) sewers.

During periods of heavy rain, the water in these connected downspouts can surge into the sewer pipes. This surge can cause flooding.

Recording downspout information will help us see if we need to do something to lessen the chance of flooding.

For more details, call the Region of Peel at 905-791-7800, ext. 4409.