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Managing Peel's wastewater systems

Peel's Wastewater Integrated Management System (WWIMS) uses the most effective methods to manage wastewater.

Our top priority is providing reliable wastewater collection and treatment while also protecting the environment.


The WWIMS Policy

Our WWIMS policy outlines our commitment to continually improve our wastewater management system while protecting the natural environment.

Peel Region is committed to:

For more details about the Peel Region WWIMS policy, email us.

The WWIMS framework

The WWIMS provides a framework for:

Following this framework ensures that we’ll be ready in case of emergency. It also promotes a culture of continually improving the operation and maintenance of Peel-operated wastewater systems.

A consistent management process

The goal of the WWIMS is to create a systematic approach towards pollution prevention and the implementation of quality work principles.

Applying a consistent management process:

The WWIMS program performance is measured regularly as it reaches its desired goals, resulting in heightened public trust and confidence in Peel's wastewater services.

With this system in place, Peel residents and business owners can be assured that wastewater processes are managed to protect sources of drinking water and to minimize potential negative impacts to the natural environment.

Information for WWIMS contractors

Contractors working on Peel’s wastewater system are required to: