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Exploring how we’ll pay for waste services in the future.

We’re striving to divert 75% of Peel’s waste from landfill by 2034.

Developing a long-term financial plan is one of the actions in our Roadmap to a Circular Economy. This plan will outline how we pay for future waste services and the infrastructure needed to achieve our 75% waste diversion target. As we develop the financial plan, we’re exploring if we’ll charge user fees for garbage.

As part of this process, we led in person and online public workshops to better understand our residents’ different perspectives. These workshops gave residents the opportunity to share their thoughts on different user fees, as well as what matters to them in relation to the waste services within their municipality.

2 rounds of public engagement have been completed.

Round 1: public engagement 2020

Public workshops took place in March 2020. We presented and explained 6 different types of user fee models. 

These key themes emerged from this first round of engagement: 

Round 2: public engagement 2022

An online open house and public workshops took place during winter 2022.

During these events we presented 3 funding approaches:

  1. A tax-based system (existing)
  2. A user fee system
  3. A hybrid system

The key considerations from this round of engagement included:

Next steps

Based on the findings and reflections from the public consultations, we’re further examining what would be involved in starting a user fee system. We’re also planning additional public engagement to support a final recommendation to Regional Council later in 2023.

For more information email Waste Management.