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Bag-based collection

Some homes continue to use bags, not bins, for garbage and recycling along with an organics (green) bin for food waste.

For most households, garbage and recycling are collected every other week. Bulky items will be collected on your garbage pickup day.

Check your collection calendar for your regular collection schedule.

This video gives an overview of bi-weekly waste collection.

Other information


You can put your garbage in an individual bag and place it at the curb, or you can put your garbage in cans or containers. Both are acceptable for garbage collection in bag-based collection areas.

You can put out a total of 4 garbage bags or 4 full containers on your garbage collection day. Excess garbage must be put in a black plastic garbage bag and tagged with a garbage tag.

Plastic garbage bags

garbage bag

Plastic garbage bags must be strong enough to securely hold their contents.

Each bag must be:

  • No larger than 66 cm (26 in) wide and 90 cm (35 in) high.
  • No smaller than 30 cm (12 in) wide and 30 cm (12 in) high.
  • No more than 20 kg (44 lbs).
  • Closed or tied at the top.

Garbage cans or containers garbage container

Garbage cans or containers used for excess garbage must be rigid with removable lids and rigid handles that are attached or molded to the container.

Each can or container must be:

  • No larger than 95 cm (38 in) high and 60 cm (24 in) wide.
  • No larger than 125 L (27.5 imperial gallons).
  • No more than 20 kg (44 lbs).


Recycling bag

Your recycling must be placed in a clear or blue transparent bag to be collected.

  • Do not place your recyclables in plastic garbage bags or shopping bags.
  • On your recycling collection day you can put out unlimited bags of recycling as long as it is in transparent or clear blue bags.

Some additional tips:

  • Flatten cardboard boxes and fold aluminum trays.
  • Put plastic grocery bags, plastic newspaper bags, plastic wrapping and thin plastics into one tied plastic bag, then put the tied bag in a recycling bag.
  • Separate rolled newspapers from plastic bags and elastics. Flatten the newspaper and put it in a recycling bag and reuse the elastic or put it in the garbage.
  • Separate cardboard beverage cases from plastic wrapping. Put both items in a recycling bag.


64 cm
2 ft 1 in
51 cm
1 ft 8 in
99 cm
3 ft 3 in
 organics cart

Organics are collected every week.

Place your organics cart at the curb 1 m (3 ft) away from your garbage or recycling. Face the front of your organics cart towards the street and the handles towards your house.

Bi-weekly means that recycling and organics will be picked up one week, then garbage and organics will be picked up the other week.

One week
(organics and recycling)
organics cart and recycling bags
The other week
(organics and garbage)
organics cart and garbage bags