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Crossrides in Peel

An overview of crossrides and how pedestrians and cyclists can cross safely through intersections.

A crossride is dedicated space at an intersection. It’s identified by unique pavement markings, for cyclists to legally ride their bicycle through an intersection without dismounting. A crossride may be located beside a pedestrian crosswalk, or on its own.

A crossride allows cyclists to remain on their bikes and travel more safely when crossing through intersections. When a cyclist is on a multi-use trail that meets a roadway, they are no longer required to dismount and cross on foot, this makes travelling on a bike more convenient.

  • Crossrides allow people to move safely through an intersection.
  • At a traffic light, a person can stay on their bike and ride through the intersection when they have a green light. Cyclists do not need to dismount when crossing at a crossride.
  • Crossrides are identified with a line of painted squares on both sides of the crossing and may also include painted bicycle marks.
  • In some locations, there may be a shared crossride allowing people walking and cycling to cross in the same space.

When biking

  • At intersections, watch for left- and right- turning vehicles to be sure they see you and are yielding.
  • If the intersection has bicycle signals, look for a cyclist pushbutton. If there is a button, push it and wait until the bicycle signal is green.
  • Travel at a speed that allows you to safely stop when needed.
  • Do not pass other people biking in a crossride.
  • In a multi-use cross-ride, ring your bell and pass pedestrians with caution. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians on multi-use trails.
  • Always travel in the same direction as vehicles in the lane beside you when using one-way crossrides.

When walking

  • At intersections, watch for turning vehicles, to be sure drivers see you and are yielding.
  • If there is a pedestrian pushbutton, push it. Wait for the “Walk” to signal and proceed to cross.
  • Pedestrians should cross within the crosswalk and should avoid walking in the crossride.
  • Look around as you cross. Do not use electronic devices while crossing.

When driving

  • Be aware of pedestrians or cyclists who are approaching or are crossing the intersection.
  • Before making a turn, slow down and signal early, giving other road users time to react.
  • Check your blind spot before turning.
  • Drivers must yield to cyclists in the crossride and pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Cyclists and pedestrians

Cyclists yield to pedestrians

Slow down when approaching an intersection and look for vehicles that may turn into your path

Be courteous, this path is shared with pedestrians and cyclists

Cyclists and pedestrians keep to your marked sides


Pedestrian and cyclist crossing ahead

This sign lets you know which side of the intersection cyclists will be crossing