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Caledon Emergency Detour Route

A specially marked route for bypassing a Highway 10/410 closure.

An Emergency Detour Route (EDR) is a pre-determined route to help you bypass an emergency road closure and minimize delays in your travel.

The purpose is to divert or detour traffic in the event of a provincial highway closure.

If a provincial highway is closed, always follow the specially marked signs to go around the affected route.

Emergency Detour Route Signage

This sign is posted on the side of the road near the start of the closure.

Signs marked "EDR" along with an arrow are also placed along the designated detour route.

These signs are used to guide motorists along the designated route to bypass the road closure. Motorists then follow these signs back to the highway.

Caledon (Highway 410/10) Detour Route

Peel’s only Emergency Detour Route is in Caledon. Its purpose is to divert traffic in bypassing the continuous stretch of Highway 10 and Highway 410 between King Street and Mayfield Road.

Map of Highway 410/10 Emergency Detour Route

The Caledon route was developed by the Ministry of Transportation, Town of Caledon, Ontario Provincial Police, and Peel Region. The route selected is based on several factors such as travel time and how efficiently the route can handle increased traffic volumes.

More Information

For more information on Emergency Detour Routes in Peel, call Damian Jamroz, Supervisor of Traffic Operations at 905-791-7800 ext. 7856.