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Managing through the transition

Peel Region Council report established principles to manage through transition.

On June 8, Peel Region Council passed the Bill 112 – Managing Through the Transition report.

Peel Region is an anchor institution in the community. Peel residents, businesses and the community rely on the seamless delivery of high quality, efficient services.

Bill 112 has introduced layers of complexity and anxiety with many stakeholders, including staff. Maintaining services is critical and ensuring the well-being of staff who deliver and support the delivery of those services is of utmost importance.

The report established 12 principles which staff can use to assess how to proceed with already approved programs and projects, as well as establishing principles to prepare the 2024 budget.

The significant task ahead of dissolving the Regional Municipality of Peel will be complex. Staff are ready to work with Ministry staff, the Auditors, the Transition Board, and colleagues in the local municipalities to ensure an effective transition, should it proceed, and to minimize service impacts on employees, residents, businesses, and the community.

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