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Principles to manage the transition

Our approach for the 2024 budget and existing workplans.

Overarching principle

Through the transition period, when entering into any transaction, commitment, or agreement, including major transactions and those that extend beyond January 1, 2025, as required for the continued delivery of all services, act in the public interest and in a manner consistent with past practices, having regard to the municipal restructuring, and in a manner that does not unreasonably impact another municipality, including continued investments in the principled areas identified.

The examples are not intended to be exhaustive, but to help explain the principles.


Community Housing construction and continuation of housing enabling programs


  • Significant future investment within the property tax context
  • Long-term agreements with community housing providers
  • Chelsea Gardens housing development
  • End-of-mortgage agreements with community housing providers to keep non-profits in the affordable housing system
  • Rental incentive programs, 25-year agreements with developers to maintain affordable units within new developments
  • Human Services grants and loans (Home in Peel, Peel Renovates, Secondary Suites)

Public Works enabling infrastructure to build homes faster


  • Infrastructure for growth

State of Good Repair investments for assets that will clearly continue to be required


  • Peel Living and Water and Wastewater infrastructure
  • Infrastructure for growth

Health and Safety initiatives including psychological health and wellness for staff

Labour Relations Mandate as approved in June 2022 by Council

Initiatives to pursue the Climate Change Emergency master plan


  • All municipalities have approved Climate Change as an emergency
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks follow assets and services

Diversity and Inclusion community initiatives


  • Staff training to advance Diversity and Inclusion
  • Council’s approved Anti-Racism and Systemic Discrimination resolution

Investments in essential services consistent with master plans


  • Expansion of paramedic services
  • Investments for child care expansion

Continued investments in Public Safety and Wellbeing


  • Peel Regional Police capital expansion as planned in the 2023 budget and 2024 forecast
  • Investments that sustain and assist community agencies to meet demand and transition

Technology investments to sustain services and protect infrastructure required


  • Investments that ensure the management of cybersecurity risks and risks related to critical systems failure

Required property needs for necessary works and the continued delivery of Regional services


  • Acquisitions, expropriations, leases, licenses, and permissions to enter

The procurement of goods and services as required to deliver and support the continuity of service levels and uninterrupted delivery of Regional services